Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

There is been some debate about whether the era of tech blogs is dead. Of course, there is always some debate about whether things are dead or dying, such as the mouse, the keyboard, Starbucks, photography, even Justin Bieber. (This happens on Twitter at least twice per day.)

I won’t re-hash what the original blog post argues, other than that essentially Jeremiah Owyang thinks there’s been too much turnover and too many acquisitions, which will lead to the golden era of tech blog dying.

Instead, I’ll just point you to an exceptionally eloquent response from Sarah Lacy, who recently left TechCrunch. Her most poignant statement reflects the essence of my thoughts, too:

But there are still plenty of people who love to write– not just share, Tweet and comment– for a living, and blogs are still the best platform for that. In many ways, professional blogging is just getting started. It’s a time when new entrants are jumping into the field with bold, fresh ideas, standing on the shoulders of the blogging giants that came before, taking a second stab at reinventing the new media landscape.”

This is what I do. I am still just getting started, with fresh ideas and vision. I’m wrapping up the end of the most exciting year of my life which has been filled with amazing people. I’m not the type to name-drop, but I can’t express my gratitude for each person I have met and spoken with, from the C-level execs of Time-Warner who held my water bottle as I nearly had a meltdown at CES to tweeting with Jason Calacanis during SXSW about the skanky promotional girls outside the conference hall. I’ve met rockstars, actors, and celebrity bloggers, amongst other tech bloggers and YouTube stars.

Yes, these people ar giants. But they are also people – people who have bigger dreams than me.

I can only hope that these giants allow me to stand on their shoulders, as Sarah said, and reinvent what they have only started.