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Forget Gratitude Journals; Why I Start My Day With An Intention Journal

Gratitude journals have been a popular method of expressing authentic thankfulness and connecting with the universe for decades. I started using one earlier this year at the encouragement of a lifecoach; I bought a green (get it? Green/Gratitude? Ok, I’m a little OCD…) moleskin and wrote down what I was thankful for and a little wish/prayer every night. I found that by becoming more aware of what I was thankful for — and what I …
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Finding The Words When You’re In a Rut

For the past few months, I’ve been in a rut in all areas of my life, but most importantly creatively. I intentionally cut back on clients that drained my creativity, which led to less outlets to even express myself as a writer. I stopped marketing my coaching practice, which led to less creativity and the inspiration to teach and help others. While I’ve maintained a steady stream of income (when there’s a need to pay …
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Want A Freelance Writing Coach?

When I started freelancing five years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. After charging way too low for writing blog posts (which amounted to less than minimum wage after all was said and done) and failing to realize that I had to pay for my own taxes after a year of contract work (which amounted to some serious debt I’m still paying off) I wish I had known what to do before …
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4 Powerful Tools for Freelancers to Write More Effectively

As a freelance writer, editor or blogger, every single word you write matters — and it’s important you get them right. This year, I’ve resolved to be more deliberate about my articles, giving more attention and time to not just the overall work I do, but making sure what I edit is something I’d put my own name on, as well as every article has the potential to reach as far and wide as possible.
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5 Ways To Be More Productive in 2015

As a writer, I hate being distracted. I’m not a fan of open-office environments or even working in coffee shops. When I need to write a blog post, white paper, or other form of content that requires my attention, I need complete and total silence. I know my calling is to be a writer (whether that’s as a tech blogger, journalist, freelance writer, or however else I can create coherent sentences…) but I can’t …
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