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Iced coffee. Warm nights. Late mornings. Long lunches. Outdoor concerts. Promises forever. Rituals to burn. And a few other secrets you'll just have to read about.

The Most Important Question At Networking Events — But Should You Ask It?

After a year of taking a break from networking, I finally dipped my toes back into the pool of meetups and dinners the past week. I dug out my business cards, cardigans, and makeup and headed out for severals nights on the town. I’ll admit I wasn’t ready with an elevator pitch at first, but at one recent event I was more comfortable because there were not elevator pitches. In fact, the one rule at …
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5 Things Airbnb Hosts Need to Stop Doing

A few years ago I was an Airbnb host (you can read about why I did it and why I’ll never do it again here. I’m also writing about it for another client which I’ll eventually link to here as well.) My apartment was, initially, my primary residence. The thing was, though, I was listing it because I was out of town so  damn much that it didn’t make any sense for it to …
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What The Hell Are These Kids Doing?

Saturday was day one; day one of living with less, living without attachment, living on our own terms. It was the first day since my early 20s I intentionally lived close to bars for the sake of being able to walk home from a bar. It was the first day since I left for college I lived in a neighborhood; in a house; near people that weren’t all in the same demographic that advertisers targeted.
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Sunday Serial: Late Night Snack Edition

  I spent most of the past week in California, dodging rain drops and terrible Uberx drivers — which is how I spent the other few days of the week in Seattle as well. In my luxe corporate housing apartment in a overwhelming complex in San Jose (which I’ve learned, since my adventures in law school, is the norm for sunnier states) I spent a lot of time journaling and working on a personal essay …
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This Is Why I Write

Earlier this week, an article I wrote was published in Fast Company. I write lots of blog posts and articles every week, so normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal or anything to write home about (which is actually something I’m doing after I write this post.) This was another post I procrastinated writing, pulling together in about an hour on a Sunday afternoon. My editor had it in her inbox by Monday …
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