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Life from 30,000 Feet

coffeeairplaneLife has been moving pretty fast lately….sometimes, literally. As I write this, I’m moving approximately 600 miles per hour at 30,000 feet for the third time in a week, heading off to sunny Southern California to relax for a few days after a whirlwind of a month. Initially, this trip was planned as a “vacation” while I was still working for HasOffers; now, it’s a short break from taking on a project that is testing the limits of my creativity, my leaderships skills, my patience, and my ability to write quickly yet with analysis.

Of course, I can’t really take a break from it. I work for a startup, managing a brand new publication, developing strategy while wrangling a team to try to make it without breaking it. This might be the closest I get to know what it’s like to having a baby (at least for the next 5ish years….but that’s another blog post – or blog – entirely.) You don’t really get to take a break. You don’t really get to turn off your phone, stop checking your email, or get to take a day “off.”

When I was in San Francisco a few days ago, we had a little discussion about work life balance as an entrepreneur. Before I tried the 9-5 life again, I had a very strong mantra that “work is life is work.” I made friends and dated with those I did business with. It wasn’t always the healthiest way to approach life – and sometimes, when relationships fell apart, so did the business – but I’d like to think in the past few years I’ve grown enough to not make those same mistakes again.

Now, as I dive back into startup life, I need to figure out how to also balance life – including some occasional fun in the sun. I need to balance my health. I need to balance friendship. I need to balance love, which I’ve been avoiding as I try to figure out the direction of my career.

And that in itself causes me to stop in my tracks from figuring all of this out. Where is my career going? In the last week, at least 10 people told me I should move to San Francisco to pursue journalism more seriously. And they’re right — it’s much easier to meet people who can guide, shape, mentor and move me when I’m just an Uber ride away instead of thousands of miles up the coast

Until then, I’ll be figuring out a way to split time between Seattle and San Francisco to make it all and to have it all, balancing work, life and hopefully love — and for much of it, living at 30,000 feet.

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  • Laura Kimball

    Ahh, when will the hustle of trying to figure out what’s next stop so we can just be in the moment???! Oh wait, we can’t. This is our life now. Don’t leave Seattle without a massive going away party. K? :)