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Does It Works Really Work? My Totally Honest Review

In one of my recent blog post I mentioned that the last year was not my healthiest. I stopped cooking at home almost altogether, stopped exercising and, as a result, gained a lot of weight — which happened really fast. When you gain weight this fast, a lot of it is water weight, which means that if you do healthy things, like incorporate a healthy diet, exercise, and the right supplements, …
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5 Things I Learned from Doing My Taxes

It’s that time of year again — my least favorite month of the year when dozens of 1099s and a few W2s fly into my mailbox so I can pay the government for taxes that, in my mind, should have already been paid for me. The life of being a freelance writer is so glorious. This year I was really diligent about ensuring that I received all the deductions …
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Trying to Lose Weight? Lose the Emotional Baggage First

I love telling the story about how I lost 40 pounds by adopting an early version of a Fitbit, counted calories and literally walked my ass off. I don’t like telling the story about how I gained it all back. A few months ago I found myself unable to fit in jeans, unable to wear shirts other than loose sweaters, and noticeably puffy. Not a bloated kind of puffy. A …
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Hello? Can You Hear Me?

I’m a horrible blogger. Not to say I’m a horrible writer, but if my lack of blogging has made you wonder what I’m up to, you could probably answer that yourself. I have a long, long, long list of topics in a Google Doc about what I could write about, but in the last few months none of that felt real. I’ve been pushed and pulled in several directions as I’ve debated my brand, my branding, …
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5 Things I learned in 2015

2015 was a hell of a year. I lived in four different apartments; vacationed in Vegas for my birthday; filed for divorce three (!!!) times and had my very first paid speaking gig. The year was filled with Taylor Swift, midnight roadtrips to Snoqualmie Falls and lots of laughter. So much laughter. It was also filled with tears, and heartbreak, and loss. The struggle was real as I recovered from GI issues, learned …
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