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Lifestyle Design: Finding Joy (Part 4)

by When you’re depressed, you often ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” Some people fight depression their entire lives. For me, it was a sudden onset sometime during the past six months… likely caused by a plethora of negative environmental factors and lots of change. This is what’s called atypical depression. Instead of just being […]

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Lifestyle Design, Finding Joy (Part 3)


by Something strange happens when you decide you’re going to find happiness. I imagine this was probably covered in depth in Eat, Pray, Love (which I still need to read) or Wild (which I also need to read) but there’s something sort of magical that happens when you separate your self from everyone you love […]

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Lifestyle Design, Finding Joy (Part 2)


by Somewhere in the middle of my slow flow yoga class today I had a sudden realization. It was one of those things that finally “hits” you — something everyone’s been telling you your entire life. Towards the end of class, when I should have just been sitting there in th dark, somewhat warm room […]

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