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Learning to Love Yourself

by I stepped on the scale for the first time in a week this morning, and as I expected, I gained about 10 pounds since last Monday. Now, before everyone freaks out, this put me back at my “normal” weight — about 15 pounds above where I always want to be, but where I’ve been […]

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My Mantra of Presence

by I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really like yoga. I can’t even do hot yoga — which I know has amazing cleansing and therapeutic value — because I get heat rash really easily. (I don’t get sunburned. I just get heat rash. It’s a terrible curse, but a great argument for living […]

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The Power of Slow Mornings

by Now that I’ve been working full-time for almost three months, I’ve been trying to get into a routine; waking up, getting ready, getting to work, prepping/making dinner, etc. For most of the past few months, work has felt like it has been my entire day, even though I’m only at the office for 8 […]

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Lifestyle Design: Finding Joy (Part 4)

by When you’re depressed, you often ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?” Some people fight depression their entire lives. For me, it was a sudden onset sometime during the past six months… likely caused by a plethora of negative environmental factors and lots of change. This is what’s called atypical depression. Instead of just being […]

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