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Iced coffee. Warm nights. Late mornings. Long lunches. Outdoor concerts. Promises forever. Rituals to burn. And a few other secrets you'll just have to read about.

My Next Big Thing — And What’s In It For You!

I am super excited that My Next Big Thing is starting to finally come together. I’ve done so much market research, narrowed down products, and now tying up loose ends and figuring out scale. Scale is an interesting word; people want to talk about investments an bootstrapping when you talk about starting a new thing. When you start small – with your own self – those words are irrelevant. But people are important. As I …
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On Journalism, Blogging, and My Next Big Thing

Being a journalist is not a privilege. It is not a special job, or elite, or exclusive. A press pass might get you some free food, but only because you spend a night that your friends otherwise spend at a normal dinner interviewing boring PR people about boring products that no one will ever buy. A press pass might get you in the press pit of your favorite concert, except we only get …
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An Open Letter to @Airbnb

I’m not a huge fan of open letter written by millennials. There’s some solid advice why we should stop writing them — but that’s mostly geared towards writing letters to people writing about other’s open letters. This open letter is inspired by my own frustrations, experiences, and knowledge of the tech industry and sharing economy. It’s a letter to Airbnb, who can’t get their customer service standards straight. It’s about soul-crushing experiences through a medium …
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Facebook, Privacy, and My Exit Strategy

Several months ago I had an epiphany about the way I was using Facebook. After being on the social network for nearly a decade — and blogging for almost five years — I had accumulated thousands of friends and followers. I was also being asked by potential content marketing clients how I could help them reach a larger audience, and while most of my peers were throwing around their Twitter and Instagram numbers, …
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Sunday Serial: Lucky Charms Edition

  Week one down in our new neighborhood and I don’t know how kids do it these days. This week involved two networking events, a major drinking holiday, and more bars in one weekend than I’ve been to since my last stint at SXSW. (Which, by the way, I somewhat regret missing on account of Michelle Obama releasing a single with Missy Elliott. I mean, really. Who did what?!) The past few weeks have been …
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